Factionators FACTIONATORS Factionators

/k Shows all commands
/k nexusAllows you to replace a block in your land with your nexus.
/k info Shows how Kingdoms works
/k join [kingdom] Use to join another Kingdom. Must be invited.
/k create [kingdom]Use to create a kingdom with the name.
/k claim Use to claim land where you are standing. Costs 5 resource points
/k unclaimUse to unclaim one of your lands. Refund 5 resource points
/k show [kingdom]Shows information on a particular kingdom.
/k showShows your own information.
/k king [player]Passes leadership of your Kingdom to another player
/k mod [player] Mods a player in your Kingdom
/k demote [player] Unmods a mod in your Kingdom
/k kick [player] Forcefully remove a player from your kingdom
/k invite [player] Invites a player to your kingdom
/k accept Accepts an invitation
/k decline Declines an invitation
/k sethome Sets kingdom home
/k home(Goes to kingdom home
/k leave Leaves your current kingdom
/k ally add/remove [kingdom/playername] Allies another kingdom
/k enemy add/remove [kingdom/playername] Enemies another kingdom
/k map [on/off]Shows surrounding territory
/k donate [kingdom] [amount] Donates an amount to another kingdom
/k chat [k,a,p] Change chat settings
/k tradable Shows items that can and cannot be traded for resource points
/k top Shows top 10 richest kingdoms in terms of resource points
/k surrender Stops an ongoing invasion
/k broadcast [message] Broadcasts a message within the kingdom
/k general [name] Promotes a player to general rank
/k setlore [lore] Sets kingdom lore
/k invadeUse when standing on land that doesn't belong to your kingdom.